Saw Works and Local Farm Promote Sustainability; Offer Memberships


Knoxville, TN – Saw Works Brewing Company and Century Harvest Farms are pleased to announce a partnership in an effort towards promoting sustainability in East Tennessee. The unique synergy creates a circular ow of materials that utilizes biomass recycling to help produce East Tennessee grass-fed beef.

Saw Works Brewing Company, Knoxville’s only production microbrewery, goes through roughly 1,000 pounds of grain during one brew. What once would have been waste going into area landlls now goes to Century Harvest Farms, a 200 acre establishment in Greenback, TN. Spent grains from the brewery are mixed with hay and then fed to lactating cows when it’s too hot for grazing on pasture.

After the cows go back out to pasture, manure is mixed with the extra spent grain for compost, where aerobic bacteria process the mixture into nutrient-rich humus. The compost is spread in the pastures, providing lush, healthy grass for cattle. In turn, the cattle develop into livestock prized for its low-fat/iron-rich meat.

Once processed, the grass-fed beef is delivered back to Saw Works where it is ready for pick-up. As an added bonus, customers receive commemorative growlers entitling them to $5 growler lls at the brewery, as well as cooler totes to safely transport their meat.

  • Brewer’s spent grains get recycled on the farm as fertilizer and as feed for lactating cows
  • Ground-beef subscribers receive a 45% discount on growler fills at Saw Works Brewing Co. ($5 instead of $9)
  • Healthy, grass-fed beef is delivered back to Saw Works Brewing for pick-upLaunch Party at Saw Works on October 3 from 5pm – 8pm. Click here to contact us for more information.

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