Our Brews

Traditional Beers, Brewed for Today

Our Brews
  • Pale Ale

    A flagship brew of Saw Works is a Pale Ale with enough hops to satisfy an American palate. It is a great session beer. Want to learn more? Read on!

  • Brown Ale

    A medium bodied English Brown Ale, starting off with a sweet aroma that reflects the chocolate malts.

  • Rocky Hop IPA™

    A traditional English platform loaded with tons of American hops, this beautiful autumn hued IPA stays close to our roots.


                              Knock, Knock. Who’s there? You. You who? Yoohoo, come down to The Mill on Saturday, March 7th for comedy from 7PM-10PM!   *I promise I’m not the comedian, and the jokes won’t be of the “knock knock” variety.

Shrimp Dock Growlers at The Mill

  Our friends at The Shrimp Dock have partnered with us to create co-branded growlers that are for sale at the Bearden location, and at The Mill. These growlers are for sale at The Mill for $7 ($9 to fill them up) and come with a 15% discount to the Bearden Shrimp Dock. Come in today […]