Brewery, cattle farm partner up to create a sustainable farm

With a name like Christopher Burger, you would think he always wanted to be a cattle farmer.

He didn’t grow up on his farm in Greenback or study agriculture. In fact, he sought out to be an artist in New York.

But he came back near his hometown of Knoxville to help make the world a little greener.

“It’s taken me 10,000 hours of self directed learning for me to learn how to do this,” Christopher Burger, Century Harvest Farms founder said.

His studying mixed with a lot of passion created his sustainable farm: Century Harvest. There he raises 100% grass fed cattle to create what he says is healthier, more cost efficient beef.

He’s part of a growing movement across the country and here in East Tennessee to create farms that do not rely on imported products that cannot be reused.

“Instead of buying fertilizer that comes from petroleum that’s processed in China, we make this [compost] right here in East Tennessee with local ingredients,” Burger said.  120930064959 P 6%20SUSTAINABLE%20FARM Brewery, cattle farm partner up to create a sustainable farm

The compost he uses to fertilize his cattle’s grass is the key to keeping the farm local. That’s because he makes it with the waste from Knoxville’s Saw Works Brewing Company.

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