Brew Crew

Meet the Saw Works Team

Dave Ohmer, Head Brewer

Dave Ohmer Brewing Brew Crew

Dave Ohmer adding a bucket of magic to the tanks at SWBC

Dave Ohmer knows beer and he knows it well.  While most of us know and love  a good brew, a brewmaster embodies more than a passing affinity.  A brewmaster needs dedication to the craft.  Dave is an award-winning brewer, formerly of Woodruff Brewing Company in Knoxville, TN.

Dave Ohmer 150x150 Brew Crew

Dave Ohmer humbly chugging from his Best of Beers award at the 2012 Tennessee Winter Beer Fest.

The fearless brew chief brings vision and creativity to the process as he interprets existing styles making each brew unique to Saw Works.  His quest is to brew high-quality, locally-sourced, English-style ales.  Dave says to think of the line as “traditional beers, brewed for today.”

According to Dave and a popular men’s magazine, he’s landed the second best job in the world.  Off to a great start, Saw Works expects Dave to become the#1 man in the #2 business.  (You’ll have to ask him about the world’s best job if you really want to know).


Adam Palmer, President & Co-Founder 

Adam Saw Works Launch Brew Crew

Adam Palmer and Shellie Palmer celebrating the Saw Works Pale Ale launch at The Casual Pint

Adam Palmer came to Knoxville in 2009 from the far away land of Chicago.  He’s recently developed an affinity for the beautiful Southeast surroundings and often wonders why he didn’t move sooner.  As President of Saw Works Brewing Company you can rest assured he does not brew beer, so you are safe!  Adam’s primary mission is to ensure that all “blades” are sharp and turning fast.  His skills are vast and subsequently he often fills-in other roles around the brewery such as Mill tender (fancy speak for bar tender), delivery guy, assistant brewer (with Dave’s supervision, of course), mailman, plumber and janitor. When he isn’t wearing one of his many hats around the brewery he enjoys spending time with his wife, being outside with his dogs, sampling various types of hot sauce and all things baseball.  Be very careful as every so often Adam will spontaneously bust out Ninja moves.


Will Sherrod, Sales Manager 

Will Sherrod1 158x300 Brew Crew

Will Sherrod is the local guy of the group.  A graduate from the University of Tennessee, Will decided to choose a career that went hand in hand with his degree in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology….selling beer. What guy hasn’t dreamed of such a job?! His passion for beer and people are what help him form long lasting relationships with SWBC customers.  Besides spending time with his wife and dogs, he can usually be found humming a Jimmy Buffett tune by the water somewhere.  Also, if you ever have any questions regarding spiders, ants, or zip-lines, Will is your man (not sure what that really means).